• Smart home
    Smart Home
    evaSMART is compatible with the majority of Smart Home platforms
  • chills the air
    Natural evaporative cooling effect drops air temperature down to 15.2C (59.3F) depending on humidity level
  • Humidifies
    Humidifies the air while creating a better environment. Perfect solution to address winter heating caused dryness
  • purifies
    Filters out dust particles to increase air quality for healthier breathing
  • portable
    Works on USB power supply. Simply plug into a laptop, a power bank or a wall outlet
  • efficient
    Works with any power supply, consuming only 12 W energy
  • color playlist
    Colour playlists
    Control built-in LED-lighting matching your mood or interiors
  • Evapolar cartridge
    Microchip monitors the lifespan of the EvaBreeze™ cartridge. When it expires, evaSMART EV-3000 turns red reminding you about maintenance cycle
Menu Interface
evapolar smart
evapolar smart
evapolar smart
Water Tank Capacity
13OO ml
Wi-Fi Mode
evapolar smart
evapolar smart
USB Type C
evapolar smart
Air Flow
Evapolar Evasmart
Up button
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Power button
Fan speed button
Down button
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Colour Mode/
Colour playlist
Temperature of
incoming air
Temperature of
outcoming air
  • Evapolar smart
  • Evapolar smart
evapolar app

Evapolar App
evapolar Ltd.

The Evapolar mobile application is a brand new app for controlling your evaSMART EV-3000 at your fingertips. It allows you to integrate all your Eva devices in one place and simplify your everyday life.

evaSMART EV-3000 is fully compatible with the majority of Smart Home systems like Amazon Alexa, so you can integrate all your Eva devices into a single Smart Home ecosystem and manage it using your voice.

evaSMART allows you to shape the environment to your needs by cooling and humidifying the air with simple application control that makes Evapolar a natural fit for your office and home environments. Managing colour playlists will make your experience even more exciting.

The application allows you to control all your Eva devices from a single app – you don’t have to switch between multiple apps or accounts. Evapolar mobile application doesn’t require any additional hardware, so if you have compatible evaSMART devices you can set everything up from your phone and you’re good to go.

  • instructions smart app instructions smart app
    Amazon Alexa
    Wi-Fi router
    LTE /
    3G /
    mobile app
  • instructions smart alexa instructions smart app
    Amazon Alexa
    Wi-Fi router
    LTE /
    3G /
    mobile app

Innovative EvaBreeze™ material inside

  • Check-01 Freon-FREE
    Evaporative cooling is a natural way of air-conditioning, that is why Evapolar devices do not contain any hazardous liquids like Freon, which makes them absolutely safe for children and pets.
  • Check-01 Bio-resistant stable compound
    Compared to cellulose-based materials EvaBreeze cartridge pads are based on natural inorganic nano-fibers, which do not contain any nutritious elements leading to bacteria and mold growth.
  • Check-01 Eco-friendly and fully biodegradable
    Evapolar filters are made of a mineral compound that does not harm the environment and is 100% biodegradable.
evapolar cartridge

Technical Specification

184 mm
specification evapolar
217 mm
specification evapolar
207 mm
Coverage Area Up to 4 m² / Up to 43 ft²
Power Consumption 12 W
Cooling Power 100 W – 400 W / 340-1360 BTU/hr
Volumetric flow rate 55.1 сfm
Noise Level 25-4O dB
Dimensions 184mm x 217 mm x 207 mm
(7.24 inch x 8.54 inch x 8.14 inch)
Net Weight 182O g
Water Tank Capacity 13OO ml
Water refill period every 6-8 hours
Cartridge lifespan 2 - 6 months*
Available colours Opaque White
Coal Black
Stormy Grey
Energy Efficiency Rate 21-37
Socket types US, UK, EU, AU
USB USB Type C (5V, 2.5А)
Wi-FI 2.4GHz
Room Temperature
75 °F 85 °F 95 °F 105 °F
Indoors Humidity 30% 59,36 °F 56,66 °F 72,14 °F 78,98 °F
40% 62,O6 °F 69,O6 °F 75,56 °F 82,4O °F
50% 64,58 °F 71,6O °F 79,16 °F 86,72 °F
60% 67,1O °F 75,O2 °F 82,94 °F 9O,86 °F
70% 69,62 °F 77,9O °F 86,OO °F 94,28 °F
Temperature of outgoing air,  °F
Room Temperature
25 °C 30 °C 35 °C 40 °C
Indoors Humidity 30% 15,5 °C 18,7 °C 22,3 °C 26,1 °C
40% 16,7 °C 20,6 °C 24,2 °C 28,0 °C
50% 18,1 °C 22,0 °C 26,2 °C 30,4 °C
60% 19,5 °C 23,9 °C 28,3 °C 32,7 °C
70% 20,9 °C 25,5 °C 30,0 °C 34,6 °C
Temperature of outgoing air,  °C
75 F 85 F 95 F 105 F
30 % 59,36 F 56,66 F 72,14 F 78,98 F
40 % 62,O6 F 69,O6 F 75,56 F 82,4O F
50 % 64,58 F 71,6O F 79,16 F 9O,86 F
60 % 67,1O F 75,O2 F 82,94 F 9O,86 F
70 % 69,62 F 77,9O F 86,OO F 94,28 F
25 °C 30 °C 35 °C 40 °C
30 % 15,2 °C 18,7 °C 22,3 °C 26,1 °C
40 % 16,7 °C 20,6 °C 24,2 °C 28,0 °C
50 % 18,1 °C 22,0 °C 26,2 °C 30,4 °C
60 % 19,5 °C 23,9 °C 28,3 °C 32,7 °C
70 % 20,9 °C 25,5 °C 30,0 °C 34,6 °C

% - Indoors Humidity / F°C - Room Temperature

Temperature of outgoing air, F
Temperature of outgoing air, °C
What’s in the box
EvaSmart USB type-c Power
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