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Web Summit at Lisbon Nov 7–10

Web Summit at Lisbon Nov 7–10

Two days left before members of our gifted team will find themselves among the ones who visit the Web Summit 2016 coming in Lisbon Nov 07-10. It is the Europe’s largest tech marketplace that our team is going to be a part of and invite you to get acquainted with the event as well. Web summit is a technology conference that attracts more and more attendees with each year and this time Evapolar will contribute to the number. Such companies as Facebook, Microsoft, Google, IBM and Apple have already partnered and exhibited with a conference, delivering the most innovative ideas through it. Thus, we’ve seize the chance and follow the suit.

So, tickets are bought, suitcases are packed and we are ready to master the world of internet technology. Although if not talking big, we are really happy to come around the venue where lots of companies shares the same vision of IT future as we do.

If you would like to be on board don’t hesitate to contact us via partnersales@evapolar.com

You can visit Web Summit official website and read more about all the conferences coming https://websummit.net/