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First feedbacks from customers!

First feedbacks from customers!

We are happy to say that first batches of Coolness have already been delivered to their owners which means that Evapolar coolers have eventually found themselves beside our customers!

These days have become momentous for us as a company since we’ve started receiving first feedbacks from all corners of the world. Every day members of our team find fresh photos of Eva you post through social media complementing them with melting-our-hearts words of gratitude. We want to say thank you as this interplay helps us to stay inspired and relish the feeling of accomplishing one more step on the 3 year old path.

Finally, we have saw the results of our mutual work and how happy the idea of personal coolness can make people all over the world.

How everything is happening?

While surfing on the tidal wave of comments, we want to disclose some secrets for you about what’s going on in our Production Department.

Each Evapolar cooler is delicately taken from assembly line and with a caring hands of our watchful workers is  put in eco-friendliest cardboard box that with a magic wand of your imagination could be used as a gift box for someone you love and care about.

Our CEO, who spent 3 months in our Production Department in China, lovingly supervised each Evapolar device, his dad’s cool idea that finally acquired its physical form. In an atmosphere of absolute bliss our specialists check every single component to make sure that no one has a chance to be left without his piece of coolness. Each water tank is gently positioned in a right place not to mention patented evaporative basalt pad that serves as a cozy shelter for H2O and in which the magic itself naturally happens.

And finally, when all preparations are made and everything is put together, we are ready to say goodbye to our newly made Evapolar coolers. With an ambivalent feeling of joyful sadness and bittersweet smiles on faces our team deliberately walk down the street that leads them right  to the port. All team members wave to each cooler a happy journey as one is delicately loaded on ship. And at this very moment everything is just beginning.

We read every single feedback!

You can be sure that we look through all the posts and comments you leave, thus we are waiting for more interaction from your side hoping that you will continue leading us in the right direction. We want all our customers to be satisfied with the product we make, because we believe that Eva will be new word in the world of trendy and useful devices.

Prepare for new tremendously ambitious projects and hope your Evapolar will make you feel the same way as we did and you’ll be happy to find yourself among ones who begin this story with us!