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Cheap air conditioner. Is it a dream?

Cheap air conditioner. Is it a dream?

Apparently this (the title) sounds like a dream that is never going to become true under any circumstances, but let me drown the voice of skepticism. Actually, it is a problem to find an air conditioning device that will be able not only to save you from the heat, but from becoming a bankrupt as well. But can we assess the expensiveness of the conditioner just by looking at its price or there is something else that we’d better to consider before buying?

What do we really spend our money on?

The most part of costs regarding the purchase of air conditioning unit accounts for strangely enough not the unit itself, but the money we spend on installation and further maintenance of one not to mention considerable energy consumption. Even if it seems that you don’t have to care a lot about installation (fans, floor air conditioners don’t create that sort of problem) month electricity bills that we are going to get after using such devices will be enough to shock even the toughest of us.

So, while inventing Evapolar, it would be tremendously ambitious of us to forget about further development of the plot or how people normally say, maintenance. It was important for us to make the device affordable in terms of energy consumption for two reasons: save customers’ money as well as fit an emerging eco-friendly pattern. Considering these two points we’ve also tried to apply effectiveness, portability, new patented material, compactness and stylish design.

How to calculate

In order to make the picture of costs even more apparent I’d like to show you some figures. So, that’s why I’ve decided to calculate (just at my leisure) the amount of money you spend on the electricity consumed by air conditioning units and see what alternative is the cheapest one. As the weather in area I spend this summer was extremely hot, continuing to torture citizens for three months in a row, and people were literally dying because of it, I agreed to choose following parameters for the estimation:

  • Conditioning unit works 24 hours
  • Price for energy Is 8 cents per kWh
  • Energy consumption is calculated monthly

For this unassuming calculation I used this link which I personally found quite useful http://energyusecalculator.com/electricity_airconditioner.htm

Hope that this little dive in the ocean of energy & money saving tips was useful and now it will be easier for you to compare the alternatives and come to the right decision.

Stay tuned and share your thoughts!