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Best portable air conditioner

Best portable air conditioner

I wouldn’t make a big mistake if say that summer is probably the most anticipated time of the year. Sun breaks into our hearts stealing the winter cold and sowing the seeds of warmth and happiness.

Still sometimes summertime can be spoiled with a touch of sadness left by the nature that tries too hard and award us a heat wave instead. Everything seems to be alright if not to mention that this tropical mercy invades your house as well. The inconvenience though could be easily fixed by purchasing an air conditioner, but the main question is: how to choose the best one? Apparently, you can generate never-ending list of criterion that matches your conditioning dreams or browse around the local hardware stores. Or just buy Evapolar and save plenty of time! So, make yourself a cup of tea and take some pleasure in reading and finding out why.

Split Systems & Window AC

Usually first thing that came to your mind when hearing about air conditioning is classic Split System or Window AC (functionally similar) that work just fine in most cases, but (!) that was before Evapolar. One of the main problem with these conditioners is that they are very likely to grant you with a cold. This happens due to the squads of bacteria that crowd round filters inside the conditioner and at first convenient opportunity try to escape the filter’s trap. What is even more disappointing about this is that you have to pay quite a lot for installation and further maintenance, not to mention the spoiled facade view of the whole house.

Floor Standing AC

But fortunately, modern air conditioning market can offer you a huge variety of solutions, you could probably think to yourself, and instead of classic split system buy, for instance, floor standing air conditioner. So, let’s look closer at this alternative as well. The main problem (catching a cold, apparently) still remains itself, but the issue with installation and maintenance take second place which means we are moving in the right direction. Also this type of conditioner is portable, which makes it more comfortable for using at home. But the size of the device as well as its design can distort the interior of the room and occupy too much space. So, this fish in the air conditioning sea seems to be not the best either.

Fans, Humidifiers & Evaporative Air Cooler

So, continuing to surf on the waves of coolness we stumbled upon Fans that, unluckily, don’t assist our progress likewise. Fans create just an airflow, causing no real air chilling at all. Besides, all the foregoing nominees for the title of the best don’t humidify the air, while moistened one is a way healthier for skin & hair. Besides, it helps to prevent static electricity from forming which is crucial in case you are not planning to build a power station on your head. But this static issue can be remedied by the use of a humidifier or evaporative cooler. Yet, in first case, we wouldn’t get any cooling effect since it’s humidifier which does nothing but humidify. And the second device admits its imperfections represented by bigger size and more energy consumption in comparison with Evapolar.

Hope that this little and not claiming itself being a literary masterpiece article will help you to make the right decision and find the best portable (not only) air conditioning deliverance from the summer heat.